From: Proceedings 10th World Congress of Cryosurgery
Malignant Ecrine Poroma Treatment of Multiple Recurrences with Radiosurgery Plus Cryosurgery

November 1998
Dr. Lopez Aguero, L; Soffer, M, Santillan, T; Ferraro, G, Garcia, A. Institution: Carlos g. durand hospital, Cryosurgery Section, Postgraduate School of the Argentine Medical Association: Directors: Dr Turjansky E., Dr Stolar E. - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Malignant ecrine poroma or porocarcinorna is a tumor originating from the acrosiringeal cells. It is very rare and tends to metastasize on the skin (epidermostropism), in the limph nodes and the viscerae. We report a case of a 56 year old caucasian woman with a malignant ecrine poroma localized on the pahn of her left palm. It was treated with surgery and radiotherapy in a period of 14 years, each time resulting in an incomplete recovery. The tumor recurred. To eliminate the ulcered lesion on the readiodermatitis a treatment with radiofrequency and cryosurgery was recommended. This treatment resulted in the healing of the skin and conservation of the total function of the hand.


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