From: Proceedings 10th World Congress of Cryosurgery
Hand Dermoabrasion and Liquid Nitrogen; its uses in Cosmiatry. Aging skin, Epilia, Tatoos, Etc.

November 1998
Dr Esther Stolar & Dr Eliezer Turjansky - Directors of the Annual Course of Cryosurgery and Radiofrequency Carlos Durand Hospital, Cryosurgery section, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The factors which contribute to the growing of this mixed technique, its indications and controindications are analyzed.

It is detailed step by step how to manage and obtain the desirable results in different diseases such as: aging skin, actinic keratoses, malanosis, scars, I.L.V.E.N., acne sequelae, tatoos, epiloia, etc.

The advantages of dermoabrasion plus liquid nitrogen spray over the traditional techniques are emphasized not only since the cosmetic point of view but also for the permanence of their results.


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