From: Proceedings 10th World Congress of Cryosurgery
Cryosurgery in advanced malignancies

November 1998
P Pasquali Policlinica Metropolitana Unidad Dermatologica

Cryosurgery is gaining great acceptance in the field of palliative surgery. It is an extremely helpful technique when we are faced with patients that have rejected surgery, radiotherapy and quimiotherapy due to advanced age, underlying medical conditions, refiml of disfiguring surgery and other secondary effects. Cryosurgery has proven helpful in improving the quality of life of many terminal patients by reducing tumoral mass, bleeding, infection and pain. Freezing can be done through the open technique (spray, chambers and cones) or the closed one (probes). The lesion to be treated can be previously shaved. The treatment can be repeated as many times as necessary (over a three to four week period) since there is no chance to overtreat, due to the size and histologic characteristic of these malignant and invasive tumors. Weekly necrectomies are necessary to ensure proper healing and avoid bacterial infections. After treatment, we obtain a substantial reduction of the original mass with a concomitant reduction of symptoms and improvement in the quality of life. We have been able to pull our patients through these terminal diseases for many years, and in several occasions, see them die of old age or of other medical conditions, free of the skin tumor symptoms. Cryosurgery in advanced malignancies is a low-risk, low-cost technique that allows us to improve substantially on our patients' quality of life.


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