From: Proceedings 10th World Congress of Cryosurgery
Cryosurgery in the extramammary Paget's disease recurred to surgery

November 1998
JE Mauro, E Stolar, E Tu~ansky, A Guglielminetti, C Jakob Servicio de Ginecologia, Departamento Materno-Infantil, Hospital General de Agudos, Carlos G. Durand, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Escuela de Post-grado de la Asociacion Medica Argentina, Criocirugia; Directores: Dr. E Stolar, Dr. E Turjansky

A patient of 78 years with Paget's disease located in vulvar, perineal and perianal area recurred twice to surgery is presented. Background: Simple vulvectomy 18 years before due to vulvar Paget's disease. Vulvar resection with bilateral lymphadenectomy till the perianal margin 8 years before. This patient had a periorificial lesion that englobed from the vaginal orifice and the perineal area to the anal margin.

Cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen spray, 3 cycles of freezing-thawing with local anesthesia is performed. Technique and follow-up during 2 years are presented. Cryosurgery is recommended as a first option for this disease, taking into account the good evolution, the ease of its application that can be done with local anesthesia in ambulatory way, the painless post-operative easy to afford from the economic point of view and the excellent aesthetic result.

This technique is compared with a conventional treatment.

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