From: Proceedings 10th World Congress of Cryosurgery
Cryosurgery in geriatrics

November 1998
ZV Kalmykova, LP Mezhov-Deglin Moscow City Hospital N 60, Institute for Solid State Physics RAS, Chemogolovka, Moscow District, 142432 Russia

Problems of cryogenic application in geriatrics are discussed. The method of cryoapplication is easily endured by patients even with strong forms of inner organs pathology and systems having contra indications against common surgical intervention. At present, the cryoapplication method is the unique one for treating chronic-source infections and new forms of tumors in elderly and old ages. The cryosurgery method has been used in Hospital No. 60 starting from 1976. The universal essence of the cryogen method is noted consisting in absence of contra indications for treatment of different diseases . That is why the hospital collaborates with physicians of different departments of multi-service hospital and regional hospitals. The cryosurgical method has been approved on 9,004 patients in old age, 60-90 years, the majority of which had serious 9 accompanying diseases such as hypertonia, cardiac ishernia, etc. Depending upon the character, localization and volume of the process, the cryoapplication has been divided into 1-3-5 courses, sometimes more. We plan to present the table with distribution of patients on nozological forms, where all the patients have been split into five main groups: skin malignant, skin benignant tumor, purulent wounds of soft tissues and bones, trophical ulcers, pathology of ENI-organs and others, including cancer of the urine, gynecological diseases, etc. The results have been observed up to 3-5 years. A stable therapeutic effect has been marked and absence of complications in groups of elderly and old persons. Positive results of cryosurgery have been achieved: absence of tumors and good cosmetic results. Principally, new methods of treatment are described, developed by Clinics of Child's Surgery of Russian State Medical University, in particular, a method of preliminary application of ultra high frequency affect towards the pathological source by ultra high frequency electromagnetic field with the subsequent immediate freezing that results in significant increasing the volume of cryodestruction. Technical provision of the cryogen surgery by domestic devices of various modifications enables us to realize different types of the cryointervention.

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