From: Proceedings 10th World Congress of Cryosurgery
Aneurismal bone cyst case report treated by cryosurgery

November 1998
C Covarrubias
Pediatria, Nacional Centro Medico de Occidente I.M.S.S. Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Objective: Demonstrate the destruction of an aneurismal bone cyst by cryosurgery and the regeneration of the bone.

Justification: The aneurismal bone cyst is a non-malignant lesion that, by expanding, disrupts the architecture of the affected bone and destroys surrounding tissue, unknown etiology. It is more common to affect long bones. The diagnosis is to confirm by x-rays and biopsy. The conventional treatment is surgical resection, curettage with or without bone grafting or polymethylinetacry late. Sometimes cryosurgery has been reported to help.

Report of Case: A 13-year old girl, who had a swollen right thumb - blue skin color, and with pressure it disappeared. She had the problem for 5 years, after injuring her thumb. She has remained in pain and borning. The diagnosis was confirmed by x-rays and biopsy. It was treated by cryosurgery, July 23, 1994. At this time she has a good prognosis.

Conclusion: In this case, cryosurgery was an excellent alternative as treatment for aneurismal bone cyst, without recurrence.

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