From: Proceedings 10th World Congress of Cryosurgery
Treatment Of Hemangiomas In Children By Cryomethod

November 1998
Shafranov V.V. Butorina AN. Borkhunova E. N. Pediatric Surgery Department Russian State Medical University, Moscow, Russia

1) Cryosurgery of simple angiomas.

We use the cryogenic treatment of simple angiomas in children. We developed a cryoapplicator of and original desing operating of liquid nitrogen and possessing an operation cycle of large duration (50 minutes) and stable freezing conditions. Series of experiments were conducted to determine the depth of freezing. The method for producing cryoeffect was elaborated. Treatment of 300000 children with simple hemangioma of different localization was conducted. Analysis of the results indicates the high effectiveness of cryogenic treatment (98.3%).

2) Treatment of cavernous hemangiomas in children.

We use a new combined method of treatment cavernous hemangiomas in children. The method is based on the result of an experiment which showed that as a result preliminary microwave irradiation of the area to be frozen the subsequent loss of tissue increased four-to-six-fold (by dept) as compared with the controls. Our experience with more than 500 children gave positive effect in 95% cases.

3) Treatment hemangiomas of difficult anatomical localization (critical localization).

A combined method for treating such hemangiomas was used in 52 children. Embolisation of the hemangiomas and cryodestruction was preliminary exposure to the effect of microwave which were conducted in 50 children. Two children were cured by endovascular embolisation, excision of hemangioma and cryodestruction. We have no recurrences in 10 years.

4) Treatment of keloid scars of the skin.

We use cryogenic and microwave + (plus) cryogenic method in treatment of kelooid skin scars in adults and children. The cryogenic method was found to be effective when the necrosis was found to be superficial and the duration of the treatment was quite long. The use of microwaves plus cryo improved markedly the results of the treatment. Morphological analysis demonstrated microwave plus cryo to be 2-4 fold more effective then cryogenic method alone positive results of treatment were achieved in 351 children..


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