From: Proceedings 10th World Congress of Cryosurgery
Cesarean Sections for Placenta Previa Pregnancy Using Frozen Autotransfusion. 97.3% Successful without Allotransfusion

November 1998
S. Sumida, K. Oshikawa, K. Hara, and S. Kubota Dept. Cardisovas, Surg., and Obstetrics, National Kyushu Med. Ctr. Hospital., Jigyohama 1-8-1, Chuoku, Fukuoka 810 Japan, Kubota Obst. & Gyn. Clinic (Fukuoka City)

Object: Aim of this clinical study is to completely prevent immunization and infection of placenta previa pregnant patients due to blood transfusion for the treatment of bleeding during cesarean section. Methods: since 1969, totally 627 patients scheduled for elective surgery predeposited 1162 units of autologous blood. Patients with a Hemoglobin <9.9g>/dl were refused phlebotomy; they were instructed in oral iron therapy and phlebotomy was rescheduled. Patients eligible as autologous donors were allowed to donate at monthly intervals until 7 days prior to the anticipated date of operation. Erythropoietin was not used except orthopedic patients. Seventy five of 627 were placenta previa pregnancy. Blood collected in CPD solution were divided into red blood cells (RBC) and plasma. Plasma was freezepreserved at -20C.RBC's were cryospreserved either at -80C using SF60 or at -1 96C using SF30 or SF60. Results, Seventy three of 75 patients have resulted in no allogeneic blood transfusion during and after surgery, and discharged with healthy babies, of course without any periand post-operative complications. Neither infection nor immunization! Two cases used allogeneic blood transfusion, however they also have had excellent post-operative course.

Conclusion: Ninety-seven %(74/76) of placenta previa pregnancy were success ful for the elective cesarean section using frozen autologous blood alone. Two cases used allogeneic RBC's.

Reference, The first successful elective operation using frozen autologous blood alone was the mitral valvular replacement with heart-lung machine by Sumida and his group at National Fukuoka Central Hospital on March 20, 1973 in Japan.


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