From: Proceedings 10th World Congress of Cryosurgery
Method of extension of the volume of the zone of cryolesion

November 1998
V V Shafranov, AV Kobiatsky, EN Borkhunova, AV Taganov
Pediatric Surgery department Russian State Medical University, Moscow, Russia

Experience gained so far by cryogenic surgery indicates that the possibilities of cryodestruction of sizable pathological formations are fairly limited. To overcome this barrier, it is necessary to change the status of the tissues, making them more sensitive to cryodestruction.

The theoretical investigations suggest that microwave irradiation is one of the factors capable to change the status of tissues and to raise their sensitivity to cold exposure. Experiments on livers of 98 rabbits showed that microwaves of certain range do not induce irreversible changes in biological tissues but Promote a significant increasement of the necrotic zone. It has been found that microwaves affect bound water which becomes more mobile and sensitive to cold. To evaluate the status of free and bound water under freezing before and after microwave irradiation, a nuclear magnetic resonance method was used. it has been established that heat conductivity markedly increased after UHF irradiation.

The combined use of UHF irradiation and cryogenic destruction is 30-40 times more effective than cryogenic destruction alone. The UHF-cryodestruction method allowed to avoid complex surgical operations and to get good clinical results in children with angiomas. Success was achieved in 95%.


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