From: Proceedings 10th World Congress of Cryosurgery
Concept of technical requirements for cryosurgical equipment

November 1998
NN Korpan, JV Zharkov, G Hochwarter, R Sacher, R. Kaitna, W Gardowsky Vienna Interritional Institute for Cryosurgery, Vienna, Austria; Technological Research Company Puls, Kiev, Ukraine; Department of Surgery, SMZ-Ost Hospital, Vienna, Austria; CryoSystems International, Vienna, Austria

High efficiency cryosurgical using supercooled liquid nitrogen has been developed in the last years. Rapid freezing, slow thawing, and repetition of the freeze/thaw cycle are standard features of technique. On the base of our own 20-year theoretical, experimental and clinical experience, we suggest a new concept of producing modem high-efficiency universal cryosurgical technology. Cryosurgical automated systems "Universal Cryosurgical Complex" (UCC) possess functional peculiarities and design which determine the effectiveness of the cryosurgical application in the clinical practice and the difference of the above systems from the available analogs. These peculiarities are the subject of know-how and are patented at present. The UCC consists of Cryosurgical System Mobile, Cryosurgical System Stationary and Cryosurgical System Ambulatory. The manner of use is to place the probe in the desired location in the diseased tissue with ultrasound guidance. Three-dimensional sonographically-monitored cryosurgery must be used in all medicine fields, especially in surgical oncology. The cryogenic main line construction scheme must provide the exact representation of the programmed cryogenic parameters. The design of the direct-flow electromagnetic valve must function in the temperature range of 170-190C. The design of the elements of the heating system is an insulated flexible cryo-pipe system. The design of the heat exchange chamber, cryoinstruments and probes are providing high cooling power of the device. The design of the thickening is adapted to the cryogenic main line. Therefore, highly efficient probes, available in several sizes, can be placed in diseased sites via conventional surgical approach as well as endoscopy or percutaneously in minimal invasive procedures. Hence, on the base of know-how, this new concept of producing universal cryosurgical equipment can guarantee the technical requirements for this modem cryosurgery.


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