From: Proceedings 10th World Congress of Cryosurgery
Development of ultrasonic devices for monitoring and optimization of cryosurgical procedures

November 1998
A Rikberg, E Bakay, S Yesman, A Baritsky, M Baglayev, V Trushina, Institute of Applied Physics and Biophysics, Kiev, Ukraine

On the basis of our own 20-year experience of research and development, there are discussed advances and prospects of creation and use of technical means for cryosurgery, including different ultrasonic units for:

1. Control of cryolesion and next tissue regeneration;

2. Monitoring of depth of frozen zones formed by cryoapplicators with built-in ultrasonic transducers;

3. Monitoring of acoustic, thermal and mechanical contacts between cryoapplicator and tissue during freezing;

4. Combined use of cooling (without ice formation) and ultrasound in physiotherapy; and

5. Others.

There are discussed also the possibilities of using cryosurgery with next ultrasonic

hyperthermia, some actual problems of automation of freezing procedure, and other

challenging applications of ultrasound in cryomedicine.

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