From: Proceedings 10th World Congress of Cryosurgery
Surgery in kidney neoplasms: revision of the literature and presentation of 2 cases

November 1998
F Lugnani, A Paganini, F Feliciotti, M Guerrieri, A Tamburini, G Mazza, L DeMorpurgo, E Lezoche
Casa di Cura Sanatorio Triestino, Trieste; Istituto di Patologia Chirurgica. Universita di Ancona

Introduction: Since 1991, high technology cryosurgery has been reintroduced as a possible treatment for different types of neoplasms such as liver, pancreas, prostate, uterus, etc. In the medical literature there is a modest, though significant, presence of articles by American, Japanese and Australian authors who have studied the possibility of applying modem ultrasound guided cryoablation to the kidney, with open surgery, laparoscopic or percutaneous technique.

First Case: 82-year-old man with a right mesorenal tumor 2 cm in diameter. Percutaneous ultrasound guided approach to cryosurgery in total anesthesia. Dismissed after 2 days without complications or post op problems. Follow-up 3 years CT scan and ultrasound reveal a stable lesion with an increase in the fibrosis and decrease of the nephrographic effect.

Second Case: 47-year-old woman with a right mesorenal tumor 2 cm in diameter. Open cryosurgery was performed under direct visual, ultrasound and thermal guidancy. Dismissed after 7 days without complications. Follow-up 2 years NM reveals a kidney scar.

Conclusions: Our experience, similar to those of others in analogous situations, wants to contribute to a minimally-invasive approach in important pathologies which, in particular situations could be difficult to tackle with traditional techniques.


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