From: Proceedings 10th World Congress of Cryosurgery
Interim assessment of cryosurgery as a primary treatment for prostate cancer

November 1998
John Saliken
Tom Baker Cancer Center, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Purpose: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of cryosurgery for local cancer. Materials: TRUS-guided cryosurgery was offered as primary treatment for localized prostate cancer in 76 patients.

Methods: A prospective phase 2 evaluation of cryosurgery including interval evaluation of PSA, prostate biopsy, clinical evaluation and quality of life assessment.

Results: Follow-up ranges from 8 to 45 months. Prostate biopsy is negative for cancer in 73/73 patients; 1/76 is pending biopsy and 2 are deceased before biopsy. PSA is undetectable in 49/71 (70%) at 12 months and in 14/27 (52%) at 36 months. PSA < 1.0 in 74% at 3 years and PSA results appear to be stable in most patients by 24 months. While there has been no incidence of local failure, two patients are receiving hormone therapy for known metastases and one is deceased of prostate metastases. Complications include one case of incontinence and once case of orchitis.

Conclusion: Cryosurgery is a safe therapy with promising results that are positively comparable to other treatments for local prostate cancer.


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